Monday, February 22, 2010

Check It. The Strokes in the studio [The Monday Download].

Welcome to a new BEAT feature: The Monday Download. Stay tuned for fun videos, great songs and other interesting links to start off your week on the right foot.

There is something about Julian Casablanca's recent debut that seemed to bring a renewed, hopeful anticipation to the return of his original band, The Strokes. Was it because we sensed something better was on the horizon? Or do we simply yearn once again for those simpler riffs and that undeniable NYC swagger?

Either way, I was super psyched to come across this recently unearthed video of, yes--The Strokes in the studio! Mr. Casablancas does seem to be missing from the reunion, but we can still take delight in drummer Fab Moretti's playfulness with a newly(?) shorn Albert Hammond Jr., and an awesome new tune I believe is called "Nikolai Broke the Zoom"? Plus, great narration.

In the meantime, we can also reminisce with these. We can't wait to have you back, Strokes.

-- Chau Tu

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