Friday, February 5, 2010

Do It. Magic Castle.

A recent visit to a castle in South America reminded me of another castle closer to home: the Magic Castle. Although it may not be a castle with cobblestone streets or fort-like towers, it does have one thing most castle's don't: magic.

Those who visit this castle must enter through a secret passageway, and each room of this gigantic Victorian home has a magician performing various tricks. There's also a piano that plays songs according to request -- with no pianist however.

The house itself is a sight to see. Although it looks tiny up on its little hill in Hollywood, it's many floors and basement-level rooms make this tiny home a work of magic in itself.

The fortress is filled with little nuances. The ashes of a long-gone magician sit atop a shelf outside a large performance room.

Although visitors are required to either buy two drinks or eat dinner there, the food leaves a lot to the imagination and two drinks may be a better choice.

Another trick is admittance. In order to attend the shows at the castle you must either be a magician, or know one that is a member at the castle. Otherwise, you will have to wait for special dates when the castle is open to the public to attend.

The Magic Castle is located at 7001 Franklin Avenue.

-- Lauren Williams

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