Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do It. Colin Firth at the Aero.

If you read our review but still haven't seen Colin Firth's latest amazing role, here's another incentive: you can watch the film and see the man discuss it in person right afterward.

That's right: Mr. Firth will be on hand at the Aero Theatre tonight to discuss his Oscar-nominated role in A Single Man. It's your chance to get his take on what the fuss is all about, and to probably end up swooning over him anyway.

The discussion will then be followed by a rare screening of Firth's first big film role, in 1984's Another Country, which co-stars the also-dashing Rupert Everett, Cary Elwes (!) and (apparently in a small role) Daniel Day Lewis?! Brilliant.

The Aero Theatre is located at 1328 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, and the A Single Man/Another Country double feature begins at 7:30pm, with the Firth discussion in between the films.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: The Weinstein Company

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