Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Etc. Find ya stuff.

The video of Nick Nolte dumpster diving searching for his lost bag makes me so sad. He was wasting all his time in trash cans when he could have been here, here, or here.

Not that I have personal experience with any of those sites. Honestly, I was surprised anything even came up when I googled “lost and found.” The last thing I lost that I actually still miss is a pair of sunglasses, but I dropped those in a river in Montana two years ago, so I feel my chances of reuniting with them are slim.

However, from what I’m learning about The Found Bin. It may actually be a decent resource. It uses google maps and local lost and found listings (some from its own site, also probably many from craigslist) to virtually scour the area for your things. Of course, this process depends upon good people actually taking the time to list your used copy of “The Corrections” on the internet as a found item. There is probably the same rate of success as there is on the human lost and found, a.k.a. Missed Connections, but it’s certainly less stinky than Nolte’s drug-fueled garbage hunt in Venice.

-- Heather Robertson

Photo credit: Radar Online (duh)

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