Friday, February 26, 2010

Check It. Tankfarm's 'God Save McQueen' T-shirt.

Upon the unfortunate news of the amazing designer Alexander McQueen's death, it was reported that his iconic skull scarves were selling out in his stores, among other notable pieces of his memorable lines. And unless you're Lady Gaga, it'd probably be difficult to try and afford most of his fashions anyway.

So how else can you honor McQueen? A T-shirt company named Tankfarm may be able to help you--and your wallet--out.

At $30, the self-proclaimed 'builders of the great American T-shirt' feature a vintage-looking shirt design that reads "God Save McQueen." With its British undertones, the phrase seems perfectly aimed towards honoring the deceased Brit designer. But in actuality, the shirt is tipping its hat toward a certain American favorite--a certain Steve McQueen, that is. Coincidence?

Indeed, and a lucky one for Tankfarm (and you), at that. The shirt is currently in backstock until March 15, but once you can snag one, you can honor McQueen for not only an affordable price, but with a little tongue in cheek too--just how Alexander would have liked it.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: Tankfarm

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