Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do It. Make Music Pasadena.

Don't you love it when certain songs or albums just transport you back to a specific memory, no matter how long ago that was, or how many times you've listened to them? For me, re-listening to Matt and Kim's Grand will always take me back to last summer, on my lone commutes into downtown. It was summer, I had my first post-grad job, and all I wanted was to be young and free out in the sunshine. And "Daylight" just got me through that treacherous 110 traffic.

Which makes it seem all too appropriate to me that Matt and Kim will be headlining this year's Make Music Pasadena music fest, right on the verge of summer. They were amazing at Coachella this year, and will surely thrive again in this outdoors environment. The FREE event will be taking place this Saturday right in the heart of downtown Pasadena, and will also feature up-and-coming bands like The Antlers, Warpaint and The Growlers. Definitely a great excuse to breach the 110 again.

Make Music Pasadena will be taking place in various venues all over downtown Pasadena, from 11am-11pm on Saturday, June 19. Check their Facebook for the best information, although the full line-up with set times is available on their otherwise info-less main site.

-- Chau Tu

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