Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eat Out. Joe Jost's [Thirsty Thursdays!].

The above pictured green blobs covered in pepper and resting in a nest of pencil pretzels are pickled eggs, and Joe Jost's in Long Beach goes through about 10,000 of the seemingly unappetizing eggs each year.

Joe Jost's has the distinction of being Long Beach's oldest standing pub and one of the oldest standing bars west of the Mississippi River (and also, strangely, doubling as a bait-and-tackle shop). It's been up and running for over 80 years, once serving as a drinking hang out for Navy men in the 1940s and now serving all kinds of locals, from cool fixie-riding college students to older salts.

Despite it's age the place is in great shape, and has old barbershop-style chairs in the back, along with traditional pub games.

Sandwiches are very affordable costing about $3-5, but a large mug of beer can be a bit hefty, around $6.

Joe Jost's is located at 2803 Anaheim St.

-- Lauren Williams

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