Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eat Out. Grace.

Restaurants come and go (and sometimes even come back again!), but having a favorite L.A. spot move locations, only to be replaced by another favorite L.A. spot--that's pretty unheard of. But apparently, that's what's happening as Neal Fraser's Grace moves downtown into the Vibiana Cathedral on 2nd and Main, and John Sedlar opens up a second branch of his acclaimed Rivera into Grace's former Beverly Blvd. space.

Overall, it's good news: not only will L.A. have another great restaurant to add to the list, but Grace also just happens to be honoring the move with some cool specials before closing up shop for its last night of service on June 19.

As of right now, you have one more chance to catch Sundays' Burger Night, where you can have their delectable burgers (you can even opt-in for gruyere or truffle cheese, $18 and $21, respectively) paired with fun-sounding milkshakes like Caramel Tequila, Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Malt and Dreamsicle ($6 each). But if you're not down for a milkshake, opt for a bottle of wine, especially since the restaurant is offering half-off select bottles until closing night.

But my pick for your last Grace on Beverly Blvd. dance? Doughnut Shoppe. This special night usually takes place on Wednesdays (two more chances!), and is sure to continue over in the new space, but you have got to taste these suckers right now. Everyone loves Krispy Kremes fresh off the rolling ramp, or even the more tough dough versions at Winchell's, but Grace's are surely something to be experienced: soft, buttery, melt-on-your-tongue good, with creative and not-overwhelming flavors. Definitely an L.A. specialty.

Sure, Grace is just moving locations and will be in L.A. all the same, but we'll still miss you on Beverly Blvd.! May your doughnuts stay fluffy as you hit downtown.

Grace is located at 7360 Beverly Blvd. in Mid-City, until June 19.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: The doughnuts! Courtesy of Tovan Tran

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