Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eat Out. Doughboys.

Finally, the great return. On a cold, rainy and busy night, we ventured on back to 3rd Street with our empty stomachs in tow, ready to embark on the new and hopefully improved Doughboys.

The story is well-known, yet still somewhat mysterious: the popular eateries under the Doughboys Bakery name, housed near the Beverly Center and on Highland Ave., were nearly simultaneously shut down a few years ago, without much notice or explanation. But now, somehow, the 3rd St. location has risen again, quite unexpectedly yet still highly anticipated.

So is it the same? No, and yes. No in that the restaurant's interior and look has been vastly upgraded from its old bare bones look, complete with sectioned-off booths and a counter for your dessert-eyeing pleasure. Overall, it's cozier, but still fits a ton of people without feeling too crowded. In looks, it doesn't feel like the old Doughboys, but that's only because it's improved.

And it is the same menu-wise, which is really the most important part. It seems like the menu has been dwindled down a bit, though still boasting way too many delicious-sounding and non-healthy options, including a possible new item of taters--basically short fries drenched in whatever fatty concoction you could come up with. That's the chili cheese one to the right there.

And no, the portions haven't changed either. They're huge, impossible to handle, but enticing nonetheless. I opted for the good ole reliable tomato soup, and it was as chunky and rich as I remembered (the waiter was insistent about the fact that the soups are prepared in fresh batches). The Mimi's Special (left) came out on a nice-looking baguette, living up dutifully to the Doughboys Bakery name.

Service had always been a little careless, but our waiter for the night was really nice and attentive. They had a problem with the credit card machine, though, which understandably bothered a few guests.

Still, Doughboys overall is doing pretty well, handling the pressure of an unshakable reputation with new and enthusiastic vigilance. Worth popping in for a visit; just remember to save room in the fridge for the leftovers.

Doughboys is located at 8136 W. 3rd St. in Mid-City.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: Daren Sprawls for theBEAT

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