Monday, March 8, 2010

Check It. Best Animated Short Film 'Logorama' [The Monday Download].

Although I was the champ of my Oscar pool this year (/bragging), one category I didn't choose correctly in was Best Animated Short Film. This was particularly a shame since the only short I saw in the category and actually loved turned out to be the winner, and that was France's Logorama.

From the outset, Logorama is--to say in the least--attention-grabbing and jarring. Its use of infamous and unmistakable logos and characters is shameless, putting them in unusual, unexpected and often ridiculous circumstances. You can't help but be in awe of not only the creativity behind putting this film together, but also of the sheer volume of brands they were able to cram into 17 minutes. And while you may be distracted by which logo could come popping up onto the screen next, there's still a fun and intriguing (albeit a little crazy) story that brings it all together.

In combining all these elements of an entertaining short story with a fun hook and great animation, Logorama really is a worthy example of what a short film should and can be.

Curious? Lucky for you, the Oscar winner is available online for free:

And if this link gets taken down, you can always visit

-- Chau Tu

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