Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check It. Gorillaz's "Stylo" video.

The advent of the 'virtual band' a la Gorillaz is nothing short of ingenious--it breeds a sort of creativity that sees no bounds, from allowing your music to take on its own strange personalities to giving you an excuse to use holograms at live shows. Technology is particularly something Gorillaz loves to employ, and this has only become more obvious with the release of their latest video, for the amazing "Stylo"--which features the Gorillaz threesome (minus Russell) IN 3-D.

No, it's not on some Avatar-level or anything like that, but the characters look pretty awesome as they take off in a classic thrilling desert car chase. Oh, and Bruce Willis shows up, in all his old-school, tough-guy glory. It's nothing short of badass.

Also, you can stream Gorillaz's new album, Plastic Beach, right now on It'll be released next week.

-- Chau Tu

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