Monday, March 22, 2010

Eat Out. The Counter opens in West Hollywood.

When you've got In-N-Out, there's not much else you need to ask for in terms of burgers. But on the off-chance that you'd like something beyond that tried-and-true Double-Double drenched in special sauce, you may as well step on over to The Counter, which is opening its newest location in West Hollywood today. After all, where else can you face more than 312,120 burger possibilities?

That's no over-exaggeration. Sit down at a table inside the eatery and you'll be given a clipboard, where you are surveyed on every single aspect of your meal, down to the sauce and the type of bun. A little intimidating for indecisive folks like me, but undoubtedly fun. Tillamook cheddar or soft ripened brie? Onions grilled or in fried strings? Traditional burger or throw it all in a bowl?

Thankfully, if you're concerned whether that ginger soy glaze will counteract your English muffin bun, the waiters and waitresses are quite helpful in giving you a few tips. One of our tips? Go for the Fifty-Fifty for a shared side--and definitely go with the sweet potato fries. And if you're feeling a bit guilty, all the beef is hormone and antibiotic free and humanely raised and handled. No frills, but tons of possibilities, The Counter makes for a good, unpretentious go-to spot for your (specific) burger fix.

The new Counter is located at 7919 W. Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: The Counter

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  1. Mmm, The Counter is definitely one of the best burgers I've had. Glad to see they're expanding.