Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do It. OK Go Video Release Party at LACMA.

As far as self-marketing goes, OK Go's got to be the smartest band around. It's been years since anyone's witnessed a full music video on MTV, but OK Go has almost single-handedly kept the idea and essence of the music video alive, thanks to a little fun and a LOT of creativity.

And 'here they go again.' OK Go teamed up with Synn Labs and director James Frost for the new clip for "This Too Shall Pass," which literally throws the band into a crazy Rube Goldberg machine located inside a huge abandoned warehouse in Echo Park. Fun and overall mind-blows ensue.

But the fun doesn't stop there! OK Go is celebrating the release of the video with a little philanthropy in mind. They'll be on hand at LACMA this Friday for a special video release event, where bassist Tim Norwind will DJ, the new video will be screened followed by a Q&A with the band, pieces from the Rube Goldberg set will be on display, AND the band will play a rare acoustic set. There are also apparently 'photo opportunities' and a cash bar. The catch: you have to be a LACMA member to attend, but if you are one, it's only $25. Plus, it obviously all goes to a good cause (LACMA's Muse program specifically, which supports young artists).

Either way, you can still go viral and watch the video, which hey, we can embed here (thanks to frontman Damien Kulash, apparently):

Applause, indeed.

-- Chau Tu

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