Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eat In. Chilaquiles.

Basically the breakfast version of nachos, this is a great meal for a morning after drinking or just a tasty brunch in, really. This was one of the first Mexican meals I learned to cook, and it's incredibly simple, and it can be made in a healthy way, or with plenty of cheesy, greasy goodness.

Here's the healthy version:

-- 1 pack of corn tortillas
-- 2-3 eggs
-- Salsa Pato OR Trader Joe's soy chorizo (really tasty) OR regular chorizo
-- Sour cream or crema fresca
-- Canola oil
-- salt to taste

First, tear about five corn tortillas into triangles. The smaller the more quickly they will fry into chips. Add very, very little canola oil to a pan (NOTE: Olive oil will not work here -- for sure, I've tried it). Next heat the oil in the pan until hot, but not bubbling otherwise you might hurt yourself.

Drop tortilla triangles into the hot oil, flipping when they are just a little crunchy on one side. After all triangles have been flipped, crack three eggs over the pan and scramble. Quickly add chorizo/salsa mixing into the tortilla-egg combination. When the eggs are cooked, you're in business -- turn off the heat.

Mozzarella and cheddar works well on top of this as does a good dollop of sour cream on the side to dip the chips in.

All these things need to be done quickly to make sure the chips don't burn, but this definitely is good meal to start out a long day or is a good after a long night out.

-- Lauren Williams

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