Friday, March 19, 2010

Do It. Andy Garcia at the Landmark.

After seeing him as the Don (The Godfather III) and more recently as a snarky casino boss (the Ocean's series), it's pretty endearing to see Andy Garcia in a role where all he wants is to be an actor. Starting today, you can see Garcia as a Bronx family man hiding his acting desires in the new indie film, City Island, which also stars Alan Arkin, Emily Mortimer and Juliana Margulies (who looks great as Garcia's fiery, stereotypical Italian-American wife).

And if you wait to catch the 7:25 p.m. showing of City Island tomorrow at the Landmark, you get the special treat of seeing Garcia in person. The actor will be on hand after the screening to discuss his new comedic/dramatic role, and sure to take some questions from the audience too.

The Landmark is located at 10850 W. Pico Blvd., West L.A.

-- Chau Tu

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