Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check It. Chanel's Particulière polish.

In honor of Fashion Week Los Angeles (March 17-24), I'd like to point out a trend I am loving for Spring 2010. Chanel recently launched a new line of nail polish colors that they've been using on the runway, including this putty-colored beauty called Particulière.

At $23, it's quite a splurge, but it's something you can wear everyday (for about a week at a time anyway). This is a color that works for both hands and feet, and is flattering for most skin tones. Fashion-forward Demi Moore was sporting putty-colored nails at the Academy Awards, and this week I noticed the of-the-moment shade on the nails of L.A. Times Image section editor Booth Moore too! I can't wait to get in on it with a glossy mani/pedi of my own.

If you're just not going to drop $20 plus on nail polish, Essie's Chinchilly does the trick too, and is a more reasonable $8.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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