Friday, March 5, 2010

Eat In. Baking Whoopie.

Whoopie pies, a treat traditionally from New England, have made their way to Los Angeles, and they're something to be excited about. Basically a more well-proportioned cupcake, these easy-to-grab cake and frosting combos are making a name for themselves across the country. In March of last year, the New York Times ran an article in their Dining & Wine section about the desserts having their "moment". That moment sure seems to be lasting.

Los Angeles-based Baking Whoopie recently opened, accepting orders of a dozen or more via phone or online. Their website promises "A retail location is in the works." I sure hope so, because I can't order a dozen just for me! Although, maybe a delivery of a dozen would be reason enough for a party. I had the red velvet with mocha frosting last night and it was delicious, even better than I expected. It had some weight to it! It was dense, but not too heavy. It was flavorful, moist, and had fresh creamy frosting.

Baking Whoopie flavors include; red velvet, peanut butter and caramel, maple cinnamon, and lemon ginger, among others.

A baker's dozen (13) is $40, two dozen minis, $30.

Info: (866) 632-508,

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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