Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Check It. Opening Ceremony collaborations.

As far boutiques in L.A. go, Opening Ceremony's got to be the hippest and most drool-worthy around. Built upon the simple idea of highlighting styles from different countries and designers from all over the world, the company's grown this past year to build a credible reputation in creating some of fashion's best collaborations. Among them? Keds, Levi's, Chloe Sevigny, Jeremy Scott, Terence Koh and Sanrio (yes, Hello Kitty!), to name a few, with each collab bringing something fresh and new to the style plate.

But where Opening Ceremony gets even more fun is outside of their fashion realm--with a little help from their many hip celeb friends, of course. Here is a too-cute music video starring (my fave!) Jason Schwartzman (who's helped out OC before) and Kirsten Dunst, featuring music from Schwartzman's musical venture Coconut Records, and created by Gia Coppola (yes, that Coppola) and Tracy Antonopoulos:

Opening Ceremony also recently promoted another amazing collab not actually involving themselves, by getting Solange Knowles to join the stage with Dirty Projectors to duet on "Stillness is the Move," the DP song Knowles had infamously surprise-covered online. Part of that performance can be seen at the end of this video here, which also happens to be an interview segment on OC created by Spike Jonze.

For Opening Ceremony, it's not name-dropping when they just happen to be your friends, and when you've got the awesome products to back up your cred.

-- Chau Tu

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