Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eat Out. Bella Pita.

If there's anything I learned from my time studying abroad in London, it was the value of finding a good pint of beer and good falafel. The first, thankfully, L.A. is abundant with; the second, I have found a bit more difficult to come by.

The search will always continue, but for now I've found a pretty cozy spot. Bella Pita is a tiny shop on the Westside that's no bigger than a living room, but it packs a big Mediterranean cuisine punch. Get your green falafel patties in a pita or a cone, or opt for the 'wowshi,' which the L.A. Times calls "a panini meets pita sandwich meets burrito item." The pitas, as seen above, are pretty huge as it is, though--especially with a tempting salad bar with all the filling goodies you would ever need, including 'really really hot sauce.' But with all the ingredients fresh and baked to order, using only canola or olive oils, the food actually tastes light and not greasy at all.

Top out your meal with fries (delicious!) and a drink (classic Martinelli's in a glass bottle!), and you still won't even hit close to $10. Ah, the value of good falafel!

Bella Pita is located at 1945 1/2 Westwood Blvd. in West L.A. or 960 Gayley Ave. in Westwood (this location stays open until 2am!).

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: theBEAT

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  1. I love this place! Definitely one of the best places for chicken & pita. Plus, I love that they have Mexicoke here.