Monday, March 15, 2010

Eat Out. Pupusas at Central Market.

For a quick but tasty lunch in Downtown, nothing satisfies the cheesy-yet-spicy combination that are pupusas served up at the Salvadorian-specialty stand at the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

Now most Angelenos have definitely had their share of Mexican cuisine, but El Salvadorian food? Although they are close(ish) neighbors, their food couldn't be more different. These little pancakes can be filled with a variety of meat, beans, cheese, or just cheese with a side of spicy salvadoreƱo-style sauerkraut.

Theses tasty little filled pancakes are made right in front of you at the stand, and the people are always super nice, giving away tons of hot sauce and pickled, shredded cabbage.

Although it's probably quicker than sitting to eat lunch, they still take a minute to make, so I wouldn't go there on a 15 minute break.

Now I've had my share of pupusas, and these are probably the best I've ever had. Definitely worth a try for any Angel City dweller.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Courtesy of Foodtruthand beauty and Dog Eat Cat.

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