Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Advance Notice. FYF Fest.

Finally, finally it's beginning to feel like summer, but it's time to think about the 'end' of the season--Labor Day weekend. Why so soon? Because the awesome line-up for FYF Fest was just announced yesterday, and tickets are already on sale!

But let's review the scene here first. The music fest is taking place Sept. 4th at the L.A. State Historic Park, and already has more than 30 bands scheduled to play, including Panda Bear, The Rapture, Dead Man's Bones (that's Ryan Gosling's band), Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and Titus Andronicus. Not surprisingly, there's also a slew of local groups (good thing L.A. has been having such a great local musical revival, right?), like Abe Vigoda, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Warpaint and the Soft Pack.

And if you're not yet convinced, how about tickets for only $20? That is, if you're quick enough to grab the early birds. But even if you miss out on those, tickets are still only $25. That's already less than a buck for each band, plus you'll be supporting the local music scene. At this point, even VIP at $65 (drinks at Cha Cha!) seems like a steal. And really, what better way to end your summer? In honor the fest's original name--f*** yeah!

-- Chau Tu

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