Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Check It. A laundry tip.

Last night/this morning I tried a new system of getting my laundry done that I'm feeling quite good about. Laundry is so time-consuming, and it's the worst feeling when you want to go to bed, but are kept up waiting for drying to be finished. Well, you don't have to wait up for the washing. Put the wash in just before bed, then switch it to the dryer when you wake up, and by the time you're ready to get dressed, your clothes will be clean, dry, and warm! On a drizzly morning like this, that's a nice feeling.

It felt nice getting a little bit of early morning air (my washer/dryer is out the back door) and feeling productive immediately as the day begins. And well-rested!

Another benefit of this trick is, very few people do laundry in the early morning hours, so even if you live somewhere with shared machines, here's a time to have them to yourself.

Happy laundering!

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

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