Friday, July 9, 2010

Check It. Play Misty for Me.

If you like Clint Eastwood, this 1971 crime/drama/romance/thriller he directed and stars in is a great weekend rental. Shot in Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey, Calif., it's beautiful to watch, and has lots of classic Eastwood acting. Think Gran Torino forty years ago (and an obsessed female fan instead of a Hmong family next door).

The bar he goes to, in real life called the Sardine Factory, is still there, and looks like a great place. The bartender is played by Don Siegel, director of Dirty Harry, among other Eastwood films. Monterey is about a six hour drive from Los Angeles, and this film may get you itching for a road trip.

The title, Play Misty for Me, comes from creepy song request calls Eastwood's Dave gets regularly, while he's a radio DJ. You'll have to watch to find out the rest!

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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