Friday, July 16, 2010

Eat Out. Manhattan Beach Creamery.

Now that the sunny California summer is starting to appear, it's the perfect time to get some delicious hand-crafted ice cream and the Manhattan Beach Creamery serves up classic and creative flavors that are delicious.

MB Creamery is a vintage-looking ice cream shop, with memorabilia from Manhattan Beach's early days as a beach community. The ice cream here is really extraordinary, probably because its extremely creamy.

Some of their flavors include root beer, cotton candy, Nutella, and Apple Blackberry Sherbet. This place can take any flavor and make it delicious. I usually am not keen on bubble gum flavor, but the one here is excellent.

Since it's so close to the Manhattan Beach Pier I like picking up a scoop and taking a walk on the pier -- to me that's an ideal summertime afternoon.

Manhattan Beach Creamery is located at 1120 Manhattan Ave.

-- Lauren Williams

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