Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do It. 'Mad' style.

So Chau already told us about the very excellent Mad Men pick up lines, but there's also a new retro line of clothes coming out that are inspired by the 1960s show. I love the classic outfits on the show (who doesn't?) and now Banana Republic is partnering with AMC to bring these old school styles to the masses.

Vintage clothes aren't too hard to come by in Los Angeles. We've got the Melrose Trading Post, 4th Street in Long Beach, and dozens of other regular flea markets around the city, but the likelihood that classic styles survived 50 years of storage with all their buttons, zippers, and material intact and unstained is pretty rare.

And the new Banana Republic line blends these classic fashions with current trends so they don't look too anachronistic. Plenty of reason to mark your calendar for the new line coming out in September.

Also, for those who love all things vintage a casting call is starting this Wednesday going through Aug. 11 for those with "Mad" style. Submit a photo of yourself in your best retro to and you're eligible to win a spot on the show or up to $1,000 at Banana Republic.

-- Lauren Williams

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