Friday, November 5, 2010

Make It. Christmas presents.

I definitely am of the opinion that making Christmas presents beats buying them hands down. It takes patience and quite a bit more time than perusing the isles of a store, but homemade goodies are personal and thoughtful. And, if you're one of about 12% of Californians who are registered as unemployed, or painfully underemployed, making your presents for the holidays can save you a bit of crucial cash.

Making presents also doesn't have to mean cutting faces out of paper plates like you did when you were five. With the right materials, you can make a very impressive, thoughtful gift. Over the weekend is the perfect time to start projects too, since there is ample free time to get supplies, try things out, and go back to the store if you run out of something.

Yesterday, Amy Sedaris went on The Wendy Williams Show and showed off some of her cooler DIY designs and gave me some ideas of how to modify her projects to fit my own crafting abilities. Follow the link to see Amy Sedaris in action and get your own crafting ideas. She's also got a new DIY book out called "Simple Times" which features more of her projects (pictured above).

Another inspiration (for me at least) is -- which has some really impressive stuff.

-- Lauren Williams

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