Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Check It. Warby Parker.

Eyeglasses shopping can be pretty stressful -- not only do you want a pair that looks good on you, but you want something you can actually afford too, and glasses aren't really something you can or want to go cheap on. You need something reliable, and you need something nice-looking, and it honestly feels like a victory when you can find one that works.

Which is why Warby Parker excites me. It's an eyeglass brand that I found out about through the L.A. Times, and they caught my eye simply for looking great and stylish. But then I found out that all the pairs are an affordable $95 -- such a steal -- with free shipping. And on top of that, they've got the TOMS-ideal in that if you buy a pair of glasses, they'll give a pair to someone in need.

Obviously, because Warby Parker is currently online only here in L.A., it might seem risky not to be able to try a pair on before buying. But they've got it all figured out. You can pick up to 5 pairs to try on at home, and shipping both ways (as well as returns) is free. And they've also got this nifty virtual try-on feature where you can take a picture using your webcam and 'try on' any pair (not fail-safe but pretty fun).

Can't go wrong -- who thought eyeglass shopping could be stress-free?

**Other notable notes: the company is named after Jack Kerouac characters, and oh, they also sell a monocle. Yes.

-- Chau Tu

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