Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check It. LCD Soundsystem's "The London Sessions."

Anyone who's ever seen LCD Soundsystem live knows what an incredible experience it is. There's an added energy and fervor that come from James Murphy and Co. that just can't be felt through their recordings (lthough of course, those recordings are already amazing as they are). But there's just something raw and fierce and undeniably fun when the band gets out from behind the computers to embark on their instruments and get into it.

So now, in just another effort to completely blow our minds, the group's recorded a live session. Tracked in one day back on June 29, 2010, "The London Sessions" is a 9-song set featuring what could be called the band's greatest hits, from "Daft Punk is Playing in My House" to "All My Friends" and "Pow Pow."

Ever since Murphy mused that This is Happening will probably be the last official LCD Soundsystem album, everyone's been wondering if we'll see much of the group in the future. Make this your keepsake; you won't want to forget how much fun you had dancing to it.

"The London Sessions" is available on iTunes beginning today until Dec. 6.

Also, check out LCD Soundsystem's newest video for "Pow Pow" featuring Up in the Air's Anna Kendrick.

-- Chau Tu

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