Monday, November 15, 2010

Check It. 'Sterling's Gold.'

It's been about a month since Mad Men's shocking season finale, which're probably going through Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce withdrawals right now. But not to fear -- as always, Roger Sterling has got your back.

As you might have recalled this season, Sterling had been in the process of writing his autobiography. It was an amusing mini-storyline for the simple fact that any such autobiography has to be amazing. And now -- strangely, wonderfully -- it's real.

Sterling's Gold isn't particularly an autobiography like it was in the show (no juicy Ms. Blankenship stories), but more a collection of Sterling's infamous advice and snarky comments. He says it himself in the introduction: "Here it is... a few things overheard, a few things to live by, and hell, a few things I've apparently said and had repeated to me the morning after a party when I called to make amends."

Definitely would make for a great gift for any Mad Men fan, or just to hold you over until next season.

And while you're at it, you can take this fun 'job interview' and see where you might fit in at SCDP.

-- Chau Tu

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