Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check It. Nalgene water bottle.

I saw these Nalgene water bottles at Target last night and they reminded me of Lauren and our L.A. Times days. She was so good about carrying it around the newsroom, and refilling it throughout the day--drinking plenty of water, something most people struggle to do. Then I saw a label that said something along the lines of "drink more water, feel better". What an easy way to feel better! I was sold. Aside from just daily sipping, the simple bottles would also be great for any kind of outdoor activity.

A large bottle (that can be refilled) is a great reminder of how much water one should drink throughout a day. This morning when I filled mine to the 32 ounce mark, I had a few sips and it was already down to 28 ounces before I was out the door.

BPA-free wide mouth Nalgenes are available at Target in West Hollywood for $9.99. Also on the Target website, and at

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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