Monday, November 8, 2010

Make It. Paper curtains.

I recently went to this nice coffee, pastry shop with my roommates who loved the curtain pictured above. When we got home they went to work quickly recreating this giant curtain for our apartment.

It's a fairly easy project for the crafting novice and creates a really nice stained-glass effect in the house. You can also make small ones (like stained glass panels) if you're not interested in doing the floor-to-ceiling curtain.

What you'll need are basically just two things: colored tissue paper and mod podge or something like it to bind the pieces of paper together. Cut or tear the pieces of paper to create small squares and bind the edges together with the mod podge.

This is a good after work, weekend project. Within about three weeks, if you consistently work on it, you can have unique, homemade curtains without having to get out the sewing machine or even use fabric.

-- Lauren Williams

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