Thursday, August 26, 2010

Advance Notice. B.A.M. Fest.

In another case of 'Why didn't we think of that before?', the B.A.M. Fest is giving people what they want: Beer, Art and Music. It can't get any simpler (or more sublime) than that, right?

And it's not even any ole beer. The outdoors fest is teaming up with the Library Alehouse to celebrate craft beer, and will be offering brews from over 20 different craft breweries. And did we mention that the tasting is unlimited? Unlimited!

But don't worry, you'll be able to walk off your buzz by enjoying the other parts of the fest: the art and music. There'll be open studios and galleries from local artists, including an installation by Create:Fixate and photography from Rick Mendoza, and sets from musicians like the Christopher Hawley Rollers. The Green Truck and the Big Swirl Truck will also be on hand to provide some epicurean supplements.

October still seems far away, but it'll be smart to buy your tickets now--they're only $30 until the end of August, when the price will then rise up to $35. All the proceeds will benefit the 18th Street Arts Center, which is a non-profit. So not only will you be having great beer, but you'll be helping out a great cause too. (And remember--it's unlimited tasting!)

The B.A.M. Fest will take place Saturday, Oct. 2 at 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica.

-- Chau Tu

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