Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat In. Domestic beers [Thirsty Thursdays!].

Domestic beers kind of have a bad rap. Other then Samuel Adams, which is a fine beer, the word "domestic" quite often is followed up by the words "watery" and "no flavor."

But there are some really amazing domestic beers, albeit not as widely distributed as other major companies. But the following couple of beers you can find at most Ralph's, Whole Foods Market, or BevMo!s. They do cost a few dollars more then some other brews, but a really nice beer is worth shelling out $2-$3 extra, right?

Here are some very good domestic beers:

Allagash White -- Made in the "Belgian tradition" in Portland, Maine this is a very light, crisp, tasty wheat beer with just enough spices.
Red Nectar -- From the Nectar Ale family of beers in Northern California, this beer has a strong taste and is a bit bitter, but delicious all the same. An amber colored ale, this definitely isn't lacking for flavor. Excellent on tap, this is a good beer to slowly sip.

Albita Purple Haze Beer -- A NOLA beer, this brew is kind of polarizing. For people who want their beer to taste yeasty, wheaty, and like good conventional beer this is not for you. While I'm all about those types of brews, Purple Haze has a really interesting flavor.

Containing a bit of raspberry puree you taste (and really smell) the raspberries first. Then you taste the flavor of the beer after drinking a bit. Best on tap, but still good in a bottle.

Linenkrugel's Sunset Wheat -- From Colorado this is a very citrusy and effervescent beer. Still with that wheaty taste, obviously, this is excellent for a hot day.

These are just four of some very good domestic beers out there.

-- Lauren Williams

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