Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check It. Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait" video.

Arcade Fire just released an amazing, chart-topping new album, The Suburbs. And while it's not a concept album, per se, the record focuses immensely upon feelings of disillusionment, frustration, boredom and listless repetitiveness--the feelings many closely associate with the suburbs.

But the suburbs also remind people of their childhoods, and the neighborhoods where they grew up before venturing off to bigger, grander lands. This memory is what Arcade Fire has now tried invoke with its new, crazily-inventive music video for The Suburbs' "We Used to Wait."

To call it a music video is nearly insulting, though. The interactive experiment was created by Chris Milk and uses video technology mixed with Google Street View and Google Earth to give everyone a personal experience. How personal? To watch the video, you have to type in the address of where you grew up. The video does the rest.

(It's not as creepy as I just made it sound, I promise. Especially if you can get over your fear of pop-up windows and Boxcar Racer-like graphics.)

But before you click!: close everything else you may have running (including the BEAT, sadly), and if you're not on Google Chrome, you might as well download it because it barely works on Firefox and crashes on Safari. It's worth it. You may even get a little emotional. Now, go!

-- Chau Tu

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