Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do It. Hike at Griffith Observatory.

This has to be my new favorite Los Angeles hiking spot. Although it's not quite as shady as Runyon, the view from the hills near the Griffith Observatory is unparalleled. You have the view of all of Los Angeles, including downtown's skyscrapers, the observatory, and an up-close view of the Hollywood sign.
The paths are also great. Not too steep an incline, well paved, and wide. When I went this weekend, it was packed, but even so the wide paths made passing and resting along the side easy without inconveniencing other hikers.
Parking is free and pretty ample and the trails are dog friendly. As my dog Homer and I went up the sidewalk to go to the trail closest to Griffith Observatory, we passed two other trails, so there's plenty of room to explore and enough reason to revisit.

I also hear this is an ideal spot to go for a sunset hike.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: the BEAT.

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