Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drink In. Sweet Tea Vodka [Thirsty Thursdays!].

Maybe you've seen the new ad billboards around Los Angeles for Smirnoff's new sweet tea vodka. Firefly is the original brand of sweet tea vodka, from South Carolina. I discovered it in Charleston, SC last year. It's a great simple summer drink that can be served over ice, or mixed with lemonade (Newman's Own is the best) for an adult Arnold Palmer. Aside from the original, flavors include lemon, mint, and raspberry.

Non-alcoholic sweet tea is one of my favorite drinks--unfortunately not widely available in L.A. like it is at nearly every restaurant in the south. Look out for a sweet tea recipe on 'the BEAT of young los angeles' next week.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is available at West Hollywood's BevMo.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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  1. Leslie,

    Thank you so much for the support and for blogging about us -- we really appreciate it!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


    Matthew Berman
    Firefly Distillery