Monday, August 30, 2010

Check It. Nerd Boyfriend.

It's all too easy to find out what/who/whatever current starlets are wearing. But what great male actors, authors, and musicians wear usually remains a mystery.

Nerd Boyfriend has the breakdown of some awesome outfits famous men have been seen wearing. My favorite is Dennis Hopper's "Slamxhype" outfit (seen above). Excellent glasses and jacket. But I'm also keen on Kurt Vonnegut and John Water's shoes, and the excellent suits worn by W.H. Auden, Cecil Day Lewis, and Stephen Spender.

Each vintage shot on the site has the outfits broken down by articles of clothing with a link to where you can buy similar cool guy/dork outfits. Some of the "Nerd Boyfriend" looks I think ladies could totally rock too, like Jackson Pollack's sandals .. or maybe not.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Nerd Boyfriend.

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