Friday, August 6, 2010

Do It. Free concerts at The Lab in Costa Mesa.

It's not even fair to try and compare the L.A. music scene to Orange County's, seeing as the latter is nearly non-existent, or feels like it should be. But just because O.C. has cookie cutter homes and strip malls galore doesn't mean it's a complete cultural wasteland.

Take The Lab for example. Located in Costa Mesa, just down the street from the shopping mecca known as South Coast Plaza, this small (parking is nearly impossible here, sadly, but we Angelenos are pretty used to that) complex calls itself the 'anti-mall.' Take that for what you will, but the Lab does house the hipper of shops, like Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange and Commissary, along with cool eateries and bars like Gypsy Den and Habana.

But if you're still not convinced, maybe a little L.A. in the O.C. will assure you. The Lab is putting a month-long series of free concerts on-site featuring some of L.A.'s best local bands like Red Cortez and Voxhaul Broadcast alongside some of O.C.'s own offerings like The Union Line. Four bands a day, each Saturday in August, and it's all free (although donations, benefiting the Pablove Foundation, are appreciated). Guess it's time to take a trip down that 405!

The Lab is located at 2930 Bristol St. in Costa Mesa. The weekly concerts take place each Saturday in August from noon to 4pm. For more info, check out this website.

-- Chau Tu

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