Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advance Notice. Belle and Sebastian at Hollywood Forever.

If you thought Hollywood Forever Cemetery just couldn't get any more cool after hosting those uber-popular Cinespia screenings each summer, you're wrong. The final resting place of many celebs is putting on a concert by indie pop darlings Belle and Sebastian in October.

The band are promoting their new release, Belle and Sebastian Write About Love, and will be headlining what seems to be a Scottish-themed night on October 5; their performance will be preceded by a screening of trippy drug movie Trainspotting. A somewhat random combination, but a fun one nonetheless.

After seeing the sunrise concert by Bon Iver at the cemetery last year, I'd highly recommend taking advantage of this unique experience--it's just a lot of fun listening to great music as you lounge outside with your friends and a picnic. Belle and Sebastian are definitely more upbeat and will probably want to make you get up and move around a bit, but I can imagine that some of their slower songs will act as a perfect soundtrack to a relaxing autumn night.

Belle and Sebastian perform Oct. 5th at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets are $25 and on sale now.

-- Chau Tu

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