Friday, September 17, 2010

Do It. Pay what you want to see the Freakonomics movie.

No doubt about it -- it's expensive to see a movie these days. So when the chance to see a movie for whatever price you want -- in this case, from a penny to $100 -- it's surely worth taking. And if you get to take part in the movie's own research, even cooler, right?

It'd only be possible with one film: Freakonomics. A documentary film inspired by the popular book by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, Freakonomics in comprised of a number of vignettes by filmmakers like Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and Seth Gordon (King of Kong), who all try and portray Freakonomics' economical/social theories. Given the popularity of the book and the writers, the portrayals on film are sure to be intriguing.

And you can see it all for a penny! Or whatever price you want. Because the film is giving audiences in major cities -- including L.A., of course -- that chance in exchange for finishing a survey. It's nine questions long, and basically just asks you demographical stuff and whether you will buy popcorn at the movie, so it's not exactly personal. Supposedly, it'll be used as part of Freakonomics research. So help out some social science and get to see a movie for your own price, simple as that.

The free screening will take place on Sept. 22 at your local Landmark Theatre. Here's the survey to get your ticket.

-- Chau Tu

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