Monday, September 13, 2010

Check It. Sad Don Draper [The Monday Download].

Last week's Mad Men episode was by far one of my favorites from the entire series -- it epitomized everything that truly is so great about the show, even down to the fact that I can't even describe why I like it so much. It's just a good show, you know?

But if there is anything I can actually pinpoint as a great asset of the episode, it was the amazing acting by Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss, as Don and Peggy, respectively. Not to spoil anything, but Don breaking down with Peggy was such an earmark moment, and one that should not be easily forgotten.

It was a somber moment, but not one that can't be taken lightly, either. Enter tumblr. The image-blogging site has produced many a viral joke in recent times, and Don Draper is its latest victim. "Sad Don Draper" popped up impressively soon after the episode, but it grew quickly and has made for some classic gems. My favorites are towards the beginning, so keep going back and enjoy the Monday distraction.

**For more Mad Men tumblr fun, here's "Pete Campbell's Bitchface."

-- Chau Tu

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