Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Check It. And Vinyly.

Naturally, death isn't a common conversation piece among youngsters like us, but it's always important to think ahead. You just never know when it can happen, and you'll want to go out in style, yes?

Well And Vinyly has just the right solution. The online company offers you the chance to press your precious ashes into a vinyl record, which can play anything you wish -- from a somber anthem to your life, to your own personal eulogy -- and can effectively live on in infamy after you die. You can even get your portrait drawn by National Portrait Gallery artist James Hague or street artist Paul Insect for the record cover.

Talk about immortality! Which, of course, comes at a lovely price of 3,000 British pounds -- roughly $4,700 at this point. But hey, no one said it would be cheap to live forever.

Get the spooky weird details at And Vinyly's website.

So what would your "Rest in Vinyl" mix include? I'm curious.

-- Chau Tu

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  1. There is an organization that will make a human into a diamond after they die (on average, we each yield one carat).

    No joke.

  2. wow. how does that even work? creepy.