Monday, September 13, 2010

Check It. Curly hair products.

Those with curly hair know the upcoming humidity in fall and winter can make your locks a frizzy unmanageable mess. Here are three products that have helped manage my curly hair.
Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious products work wonders for curly hair. I first discovered B&B after a haircut at Rudy's when I went there for a trim. Rudy's almost exclusively uses B&B products, which smell great and their curl conscious creme works well for taming and defining crazy curly hair. The $27 price tag was a bit high though.

I've usually shunned hairsprays for curly hair in favor of creams to avoid having a "wet look" or a crunchy curl. The John Frieda Curl Perfecting Spray is very good at keeping hair soft, but still defined. It's a good product for various types of curly hair. A friend of mine with very tightly wound curls uses this and so do I, and my curls are looser and need more definition then taming.

One bottle of John Frieda Dream Curls -- Curl Perfecting Spray costs about $7, and can be found at Target.

Matrix Contouring Milk is also very good for curls. A small dab on your hands after combing your hair, this gives curls lift and shape, but isn't too heavy. It probably isn't strong enough for very tightly wound curls, though. One bottle is about $17.

-- Lauren Williams

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