Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eat Out. Fosselman's Ice Cream Company [Guest Post].

I'm a simple girl, and while I've been exposed to more experimental desserts, it really just comes down to that simple scoop of ice cream.

Where else can you get that than a family-operated working soda fountain on Main Street?

Opened in 1919, Fosselman's Ice Cream Company still serves their signature homemade ice cream of up to 40 flavors. In addition, the shoppe churns out malts, milkshakes, and even vends candy (Jelly Belly first started selling their jelly beans here). With its old menu and services intact, it's really easy to get lost in the nostalgia.

Even though Fosselman's retains its old-town gem reputation, the younger generation family members have established some seasonal flavors, such as heirloom tomato in August and snowballs in December. The more Asian-oriented surrounding community has had some influence, so you can still get your lychee or taro ice cream fix if you're craving something different.

Warning: To follow up on its fairly decent prices, Fosselman's is cash-only, so withdraw accordingly.

Fosselman's is located at 1824 W. Main St. in Alhambra.

-- Muriel Nacar
Muriel is a lifetime student.

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