Monday, September 20, 2010

Eat In. Fall beers.

Now that summer's over, the citrus-y heffs and golden and pale ales don't have the same appeal as spicy, yeasty reds and amber ales. Fall time has some of the best beers with a bit more flavor, but before the winter's stronger, sometimes overpowering brews. Here are four ideal fall beers.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale -- Amber in color, this is a tasty, spicier beer with a bit of a bitter taste. Rogue is one of my favorite brewing companies, and this is one of their classics.

Samuel Adams Octoberfest -- Sam Adams is one of the best domestic, large-scale breweries, and their October seasonal is consistently spot on with tons of flavor, but a bit more smooth then the Dead Guy.

Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale -- Blue Moon's with a wedge of orange are a summertime classic, and this definitely qualifies as an autumn one. The flavor of pumpkin is definitely present, but largely as an aftertaste. This has a richer taste, then the light citrus-y summer brew, but definitely smoother then some more bitter, amber ales.
Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale -- I've mentioned this before, this is something I actually look forward to all summer, definitely qualifying as my favorite fall-time seasonal. There is definitely a strong pumpkin taste along with plenty of spice, but the taste of beer is definitely not hidden by the strong fall flavors.

-- Lauren Williams

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