Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drink Out. San Antonio Winery in downtown LA.

You see signs for the San Antonio Winery all over Los Angeles County. I visited this winery with a girl friend and it was excellent.

Located downtown near Boyle Heights, this is an unlikely place for a winery, but they have some very excellent bottles available for tasting. San Antonio Winery set up shop nearly 100 years ago, and downtown sprung up around it.

One of my favorites is their almond-flavored wine. It's very dark and almost tastes more like a liqour then wine, it's an excellent after dinner drink.

At their bodega downtown you can sample bottles you're curious about buying. There's also a restaurant if you're interested in eating out here.

San Antonio Winery is located at 737 Lamar St.

-- Lauren Williams

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