Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eat Out. La Capilla.

La Capilla has gotten the thumbs up as the best place for Mexican food in the South Bay for years, and after a recent visit it's not hard to see why. Generous portions and flavorful sauces with unique ingredients (I'm sure they put cinnamon in their enchilada sauce) this is a very good Mexican restaurant.
A girlfriend recently told me about their birthday menu (a free meal on your birthday) and I went with a few friends on my birthday and we were all happy.

Pictured above is one of their many birthday dinners, two enchiladas, beans and rice. The cheese was very tasty. I'm sure it was a blend of Mexican queso fresco and other cheeses, rather then just cheddar and monterey jack which even many good Mexican restaurants seem to use.
The friends I was with also said their beef was very good -- moist and flavorful like shredded pot roast. Most meals are under $10 making this a very affordable dinner out. One friend even had their special which was $6 for a taco, beans, rice, and a second side. Enough for her dinner and lunch the next day.

La Capilla is in Old Town Torrance and also next to a decent brewery with some good locally brewed beers on tap.

La Capilla is located at 1332 Sartori Ave.

-- Lauren Williams

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