Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eat Out. The Crocker Club [Thirsty Thursdays!].

The Crocker Club was a recent find on a first Thursday Art Walk in downtown LA. Styled to look like an old bank, there's a vault where patrons can sit and sip their cocktails. Above are a lemon drop and a very tasty apple martini that might even give Hank a run for his money.
This place has very cool low lighting, and you have to walk downstairs to enter the bar. There are also tinny two-person rooms that come with a door for some privacy that may have been security deposit box rooms in a past life.

As with many LA bars, mixed drinks average about $10 each. Even when it's crowded, like on an art walk night, this place has a very relaxed, lounge-y atmosphere.

This is definitely one of the many excellent bars that are cropping up downtown.

The Crocker Club is located at 453 S. Spring St.

-- Lauren Williams

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