Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check It. New Spoon and Hot Chip.

It's December--all those year-end (and decade-end!) lists are already trolling out, but I'm already looking onwards to 2010. Why so soon? Well, with new tunes from Spoon and Hot Chip having just premiered, there's solid proof of something to look forward to.

There's just something so undeniably cool about Britt Daniel. That almost-scratchy voice, those clever lyrics, that just-right amount of confidence. Yeah, he knows how to turn a tune. Spoon's latest single "Written in Reverse," from the upcoming album "Transference" out Jan. 19, is no different. It doesn't brace new territory for the longtime band, but it definitely doesn't settle either. Cutting guitar riffs, backing harmonies, Daniel's yelps--it's all there, and it won't let you forget that the cool kids are back in town.
Purchase "Written in Reverse" as a digital single now, or stream it at NPR.

I became obsessed with Hot Chip's blips and melodies after "The Warning" came out a couple years ago, and thankfully I now have something new to obsess over (as opposed to continue watching this, which often made me feel like I was growing green hair myself). Fresh single "One Life Stand" continues in the Hot Chip dance groove tradition, but follows more in the soft, melodic thread, as singer Alexis Taylor muses over wanting to be more than just a simple hook-up. A little risky for a group known more for its beats than its romanticism, but it'll hold you over until the new album is released Feb. 8.
Stream "One Life Stand" at Hot Chip's myspace.

**Bonus track!
Beck, welcome back to my life.

--Chau Tu

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  1. As someone who never really fell for Hot Chip before, I really am enjoying the new song. I've probably spent more time listening to it, than I have the rest of the band's discography.

    Also, while they're not nearly as big as Spoon or Hot Chip, the new Shout Out Louds song has got me all excited for their next album, which I think comes out in Feb. too.