Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Check It. Julie & Julia on DVD.

Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do you have what it takes?

The tagline speaks to the roles of both ambitious women portrayed in the Nora Ephron-directed (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail) foodie film--the legendary Julia Child, and New York blogger-turned-author Julie Powell. Julie & Julia, released in August of this year, is available today on DVD.

Although Meryl Streep (who graces Vanity Fair's January 2010 issue) has widely been credited for carrying the film, I found Amy Adams as Julie to be charming and relatable--qualities Adams brings to most of her roles. If you didn't catch it on the big screen (it's still in a couple L.A.-area theaters) this is the perfect chance to finally see the much talked about inspirational (524 recipes in 365 days!?) comedy. Now if only it came with a plate of baguette bruschetta!

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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